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Our 2 Best Selling Popular Brand Electric Mobility Scooters

Check out best sellers if you are seeking something large enough to be comfortable, easily maneuverable and powerful enough to withstand your journey needs.

Designed with different users in mind, they focus on different features, so read on to discover more about which best seller mobility scooter will suit you.

1. The Shoprider QT8 Little Beauty mobility scooter is smaller and lighter that can be easily dissembled transported in the boot of your car.

2. The CTM HS589 mobility scooter is larger and stronger with extra features.

1. Shoprider QT8 Little Beauty Mobility Scooter

The Shoprider Little Beauty scooter is designed for those with limited mobility in mind. Whether you’re indoors or outside, in confined or wide open spaces, this innovative and patented design allows you to take back your freedom.

This portable scooter is popular for its ease of disassembly – requiring no tools.


With these multiple features – many adjustable items, light and easy steering, excellent legroom, a padded swivel seat and up-gradable battery pack, it’s no wonder this mobility scooter is a best seller!

1.Type of scooter: Portable Mobility Scooter

2. Surfaces suitable for: Indoors and outdoors (however avoid long grass, loose gravel, sand and wet surfaces)

3. Armrests: Yes, removable and adjustable

4. Seat: Mid back, detachable, with a lever for swivelling/rotating

5. Tyres: Puncture proof with a free wheel release lever for manually moving the scooter when not powered

6. Handlebar / Tiller: Adjustable

7. On/Off key switch: Yes, key

8. Bumpers: Front & rear

9. Horn: Yes, push button operated

10. Adjustable speed: Speed Levels 1-10 via a dial knob

11. Controls: 2 x thumb/finger operated lever controls for forward and backward’s movement

12. Batteries: Rechargeable Dual Portable Battery Pack, sealed lead acid batteries

13. Battery level indicator: Multiple LED indicator progressing from Red for empty, through Yellow to Green for full

14. Accessories included: Detachable basket, floor mat, anti-tip wheels, separate charger

15. Transport: Can be easily disassembled into 6 small pieces and placed in a car (requiring no tools)

16. Warranty: 3 years (structural frame), 18 months (drive train assembly), 12 months (other parts)


shoprider scooter
  • Measurements: 540mm (W) x 1110mm (L) x 925mm (H)
  • Tyre height: 8 inches (200mm)
  • Scooter total weight: 50kg (inc. batteries, basket and seat)
  • Dissembled weight: heaviest part 13kg
  • Passenger weight capacity: 113kg (on flat)
  • Max speed: 6 km/hr
  • Max travel range: up to 23km
  • Turning Radius: 1.17m
  • Climbable grade: 6 degrees
  • Max curb climb: 15mm
  • Battery capacity: 2 x 12V,14Ah/22Ah
  • Motor size: 300W
  • Brakes: Electromagnetic, automatically operated when the control levers are released

2. CTM HS589 Series 5 Mobility Scooter

The CTM HS589 is a best-seller medium sized mobility scooter that packs a real punch. By combining a powerful motor with front and rear wheel suspension and 11 inch (280mm) high wheels, this mobility scooter performs well on undulating terrain.

Drive carefully and be sensible when operating your scooter – before you start be seated, lock the seat and tiller in place, check that the brakes work, maintain an eye on the controls, no sharp turns at speed, be careful on slopes in turning, climbing or backing. Never put your scooter into neutral on slopes.


With these multiple features – many adjustable items, light and easy steering, excellent legroom, a padded swivel seat and up-gradable battery pack, it’s no wonder this mobility scooter is a best seller!

1. Type of scooter: Medium Sized Mobility Scooter

2. Surfaces suitable for: Indoors and outdoors (however avoid wet surfaces)

3. Armrests: Yes, tilting

4. Seat: Mid back, with a lever for swivelling/rotating, and another for sliding the seat backwards and forwards

5. Headrest: Yes

6. Tyres: Pneumatic, free wheel release lever for manually moving the scooter when not powered

7. Suspension: Front & Rear

8. Handlebar / Tiller: Delta handlebar, tiller angle adjustment

9. On/Off key switch: Yes, key

10. Rear vision mirror: Yes

11. Lights: Push button operation, Rear blinkers and tail lights, Front blinkers and headlights

12. Horn: Yes, push button operated

13. Self-diagnostic warning light: Yes, for troubleshooting and enhanced safety

14. Adjustable speed: Gradual speed adjustment via a dial knob

15. Controls: 2 x larger finger/hand operated lever controls for forward and backwards movement

16. Battery level indicator: Multiple LED indicator from Empty to Full

17. Accessories included: Detachable basket, anti-tip wheels, storage cover, side reflectors, separate charger

18. Optional accessories: Oxygen bottle holder, safety flag, sun canopy, walking stick holder


  • Measurements: 625mm (W) x 1290mm (L) x 980mm (H)
  • Seat width: 455mm
  • Tyre height: 11 inches (280mm)
  • Ground clearance: 87mm
  • Scooter total weight: 97.9kg (inc. batteries, basket and seat)
  • Passenger weight capacity: 135kg (on flat)
  • Max speed: 8km/hr
  • Max travel range: up to 40km
  • Turning radius: 1.565m
  • Climbable grade: do not drive on slope that exceed 12 degrees
  • Max curb climb: 50mm
  • Battery capacity: 2 x 12V, 50Ah
  • Motor size: 700W
  • Brakes: Electromagnetic

Note – Public Transport Limitation

In Queensland you cannot be refused carriage if your mobility scooter on public transport if it’s within: 1300 mm long, 750mm wide, 1500mm high with a turning circle of 1.7 meters, and no sun canopy. The Queensland Public Transport’s mobility aid passenger guidelines allow you to drive it onto public transport. More here

Concluding Data on Popular Brand Electric Mobility Scooters

There are many electric mobility scooters in the market place with various capabilities, shapes, sizes and with differing stamina. Best you stay with the popular models as they only become popular because buyers see them having more features, reliable and the better value for money.

Whether it’s the Shoprider QT8 Little Beauty or the CTM HS589, our popular brand electric mobility scooters by taking back your independence and getting out and about again with ease is sure to get you excited.

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