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Mobility scooter regular maintenance saves you money all whilst protecting your investment for a longer life and avoidable breakdowns. To the elderly people who require a mobility scooter it is their basic means of independence in safely getting “out and about”. A major investment so best you look after it.

Here are the major points for increasing your scooters' reliability and extending its useful life in providing you with months and years of trouble free operation.

When you start using a new mobility scooter it is important to determine your maximum driving distance. It will very much depend on the typical terrain you drive on, the total weight carried, tyre pressures and your driving speed and style.

Checks to do each day before you use your scooter:

  • Is the battery fully charged
  • Are the tyres (if inflatable) at the right pressure
  • Are the lights working
  • Are the brakes working
  • Are you in a fit state to drive

If you are having issues starting your scooter go here


Avoid any water hazards. Rain and water are the enemy of mobility scooters so try to avoid them. Like motor vehicles, scooters make extensive use of electronics. Most of these are the under body of your scooter so driving at speed through pools of water and in the rain will lead to operational malfunctions that are expensive to fix.

Housing your mobility scooter

Best keep it parked in a dry environment away from rain and direct sunlight. A garage is an ideal place.

Battery Care

The most important part of your scooter is your battery. Its the power that drives your vehicle so look after it.

If you do not charge the battery fully on a regular basis your scooter will lose the capacity to operate to its maximum driving distance.

Best practice:

  • Charge your battery every day after use.
  • Keep an eye on your scooter and battery charger gauges they will indicate the state of your battery charge.
  • If you are not using your scooter still charge your battery for 8 hours each week.
  • Most chargers supplied with scooters will not overcharge your battery but still do not leave the charger on over 24 hours.
  • Check the battery terminal are not corded as its an indication of battery leakage and it will lead to poor performance.

Checks you need to do

Owner inspection and maintenance – best done weekly.

  • Check the tyre pressure (if tyres are inflatable).
  • All lights working.
  • Any seat or bodys work loose, damaged or worn.
  • Wipe down the machine with a damp cloth without the use of detergent or solvent.
  • Never use the hose or bucket to splash water about or over scooter.

What to do when you are no longer capable of continuing your mobility scooters regular maintenance.

Seek assistance from a neighbour or your house keeper to:

  • Maintain the charging of the scooter battery
  • Complete the weekly inspection and make adjustment where necessary

Scooter Manufacturers Maintenance Recommendations

mobility scooter serviceAll manufacturers of mobility scooters recommend regular maintenance to ensure maximum benefit and life of your scooter.

Only use an authorised and experienced technician who have an understanding of your equipment. Stay away from DIY’s who can miss future developing problems.



The industry bench mark to have a mechanical service done is:

  • Using your scooter on average 2 hours per week is a service once per year
  • Using your scooter on average 4 hours per week is a service twice per year

Mobility Caring Noosa are able to provide the above services on the Sunshine Coast in the areas from Caboolture to Gympie. Phone Bo and Nicol for a free quote on 07 5473 0706

Conclusion - Mobility Scooter Regular Maintenance Saves Money

Above are the major points for increasing your scooter reliability and extending its useful life to provide you with months and years of trouble free operation.

Mobility scooter regular maintenance saves money protecting your investment for a longer life and avoidable breakdowns.

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