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Make these simple checks before you call on Mobility Caring Noosa. For persons who have recently purchased new equipment these are some simple checks to do before you call avoiding the call out fee.

We feel it is best that you become involved and understand your equipment by physically going though all the checks and equipment features so that you fully understand the  adjustments and operations.

Electric Mobility Scooter check list

If your scooter will not go

  • Is the battery fully charged
  • Is the key in the ignition and turned ‘ON’
  • Is the transmission engaged
  • Has your scooter a ‘Power-safe’ mode if so turn the key ‘OFF’  for 10 seconds then back ‘ON’
  • Note the number of audible beep or lights flashing as they indicate an issue. Check the number of beeps or flashes and refer to your operation manual
  • If no lights or beeps check – are the battery cables securely connected, has the circuit breaker popped or fuse blown

Before you start driving

  • Check the battery is fully charged
  • Check the brakes work
  • Check the tyres are pumped up
  • Plan your route if going into the public domain, do not drink and drive, where possible avoid night driving
  • Check you have good visibility
  • Stay within the speed limit (max. 10 kph)

When you return

  • Every time you use your scooter charge the battery
  • Park your scooter in a safe place and remove the ignition key

Wheelchair check list

  • Wheels are firmly locked in place
  • Test the brakes to see they work
  • Ensure seat and backrest are secure and not damaged
  • Wheelchair folds up as designed
  • Transporting your wheelchair – placement to avoid stacking items on top of your chair

For persons who have recently hired or purchased new equipment complete these simple checks before you call and avoid the call out fee.

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